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I also have a couple PDFs that I’m not tech savvy enough to link to this. If you’d like copies, just shoot be an email at buckdeerstocks4 @ gmail . com. The first is from Aswath Damadoran titled “Return on Capital (ROC), Return on Invested Capital (ROIC) and Return on Equity (ROE): Measurement and Implications” and the second is by Ben Labitan “Moats: The Competitive Advantages Of Buffett & Munger Businesses” which discusses the moats for 70 different businesses.

Weekend Links 3.29.2015

Welcome to the inaugural edition of buckdeerstocks Weekend linkfest. At some point I may look to expand upon the concept with some blog posts of my own, but for now its likely going to be limited to things I’ve read over the weekend that I find interesting. Maybe you’ll find some of the links interesting. In addition, if you’ve got something you think I might enjoy please feel free to email me a link at buckdeerstocks4@gmail.com or shoot it over to me on twitter (@buckdeerstocks4)

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